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So many of today's health and wellness concerns are a result of on-going stress, poor or imbalanced nutrition,weight control issues, lack of physical activity, motivational challenges, feelings of being overworked and overwhelmed and the frustration of not knowing what you can do about it!

At the Optimum Health Centre, our Mission is to provide access to programs and information that assists individuals and organizations in recognizing AND managing the challenges of life or more specifically the key factors of Weight, Nutrition, Exercise, Stress and Pain.

In many cases, a few simple adjustments, general guidance and assistance with maintaining the motivation to make positive changes will make a huge difference in changing the course of your health and indeed, your future.

Not sure of your needs? Contact us or click on Ultimate Health for details on the 12 Keys to Ultimate Health assessment. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! WE CAN HELP! TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH!

Confidential assessment and coaching is offered at our Waterloo location. We also provide tele-counselling, home and on site training services.

The information on this site should not replace the direct support and guidance of healthcare and other professionals. We invite you to explore, inform and reflect on your specific needs for further assistance and the resources available.

Coupon Savings
Get direct coupon savings for yourself and your friends. Get started! Optimum Weight, Stress or Pain Programs
Healthy Weight - Diet and Motivation
Optimum Health Centre programs provide confidential assessment and coaching that is covered by many extended health plans
Nutrition, Exercise and Your Life! Maintaining a Healthy Weight.
How can you achieve and maintain a healthy weight? Just nutrition and exercise won't do it!
Eight Weeks for Optimum Health
This Optimum health program provides coaching to guide individuals through eight weeks of personal transformation.
Herbal supplements
There are many herbal programs and supplements on the market that claim to assist with weight loss and cleansing. Make sure you are choosing what will work best for you and your needs.
optimum weight management
There are many ways to lose weight including weight loss surgery. The Optimum Weight Managment system provides a support and maintenance system for keeping it off and achieving lasting success?
Obesity - more than just a little to lose.
Obesity is a chronic condition that can be addressed with the help of a specialist. It is vital to work with the whole person not just focus on the weight.
child obesity
Child obesity requires action. Healthy eating and exercise will help but broader issues and causes must also be addressed to reduce the numbers of overweight children.
Achieve personal success in a weight loss group or stress management session.
Group meetings have their share of benefits and frustrations. Make the best choice to match your needs and style when it comes to weight loss or stress management issues.
Motivation - Finding and Keeping it.
Keeping your motivation up when you lose your initial enthusiasm or face challenges can be difficult.
Setbacks and Failure
Making changes in your life is never easy whether it's dieting, quitting smoking or major life change your resolution will be challenged by yourself and others
Optimum Health Membership - How to Get Started.
Optimum Health Membership; Making a positive change in your life is worth the investment!
What is Stress?
We all experience stress! Discover what stress really is and what you can do to deal with it!
Quitting Smoking
Most people try to quit smoking a number of times before they succeed. Whether this will be your first attempt or last, raise the odds for your success.
Personal Training @ Home - Clubs, Parks and other KW locations
Achieve maximum results, benefits and stay motivated with custom designed fitness program.
12 Keys to Ultimate Health
Discover your 12 Keys to Ultimate Health - Are you living a healthy, balanced life? Discover The Secret to Enhancing Wellness
The Ultimate Health Program
The Ultimate Health Program provides personal training that explores your total wellbeing.
Assess Your Stress
Take a quick stress quiz to assess your level of stress and how you may be coping.
Bootcamp - Basic Training for Optimum Health
The Optimum Health Bootcamp provides training and motivation that will enhance fitness levels and promote a healthy diet.
Optimum Performance
Are You Getting the Results You Desire? You be may seeking to fine tune performance or you're just exploring your desires to achieve, in either case you deserve maximum impact for your efforts.
Health at Work - Tools and Resources
Learn more about Health and Wellness initiatives that can assist with Work/Life Balance.
Pain - Treatment and Management
Introduction to programs and resources for managing pain and dealing with the physical and mental challenges of living with pain.
The Optimum Health Centre
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Waterloo location and directions
The Optimum Health Centre Waterloo location is 410 Conestogo Road - Suite 103 - 519.571.7904
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