Need a Family Doctor?

Finding a Doctor in Waterloo Region that is accepting new patients can be a very frustrating and challenging experience but with some patience, persistence or assistance a solution may be found.

Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge are under serviced areas. This provides a great opportunity for physicians, especially new graduates, to consider setting up a practice in Waterloo Region.

In the meantime, efficient, quality care is required, not only for those currently registered with a Family Practice but for those still searching.

For your convenience, non-registered patients may use walk in clinics. Patients registered with a Family Practice should follow the instructions provided by their Doctor's practice in regard to Tele-health or on call services.

Physicians willing to register new patients and those searching for a Doctor are invited to use our patient registration services.   Contact us for details on referrals or engaging us to facilitate your Doctor/Patient connect.

Optimum Health - Wellness Transformation is a private clinic located in Waterloo providing non-OHIP services for Nutrition, Weight Management, Pain, Stress Management and Healthy Living.