Keto Coaching

Have you decided to kick start physical transformation with a Keto diet?  If so, you have probably researched and read much about the choices, ratios, pounds lost and challenges you may face in sticking to the plan.   A personalized approach to using a keto plan, or any diet for that matter, will assist you in staying on track and making the adjustments required to sustain results.

Any lifestyle change requires some planning, goal setting and "bad" habits must be replaced with better options and responses or old ways and outcomes quickly creep back in.

Take advantage of an assessment session with Optimum Health to lay the foundation for Keto success. We'll review your research, provide additional perspective, protocols and direction, if you need it, and most importantly we can coach you through the weeks ahead to ensure best food choices and exchanges, overcome roadblocks - physical or mindset and clinically track your results.

As time goes by, or perhaps now for those well down the Keto path, we will show you how to shift to a maintenance plan that will keep you benefiting from your Keto compliance. 


Staying in Ketosis and truly living the Ketogenic lifestyle isn't for everyone.  Many body conscious people have experimented with a variety of diets, cleanses, fasting and fitness regiments and supplements as they strive to shift some aspect of their physical being.

If you are struggling to achieve and maintain the results you desire there are other variables at play. Some you may recognize and others deeply suppressed or justified in your mind. Integrating Optimum Coaching can help address, explore and potentially overcome blocks, external factors or perspectives.

There may also be medical risk factors that need to be addressed and monitored as you contemplate or proceed with making changes.  If you don't have a medical professional on your team, we can assist with making sure you are appropriately engaged.

Don't wait another day to ponder and prepare!  Take a step at a time to learn, shift and refresh your mind and body.  You will be glad you did!

Need some further perspective or assistance? We invite you to book an assessment session and further explore the options available, just for you. 519.571.7904

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