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For 20 years, Optimum Health has provided wellness programs, and operated a private coaching centre in Kitchener/Waterloo where we provide personal assessment and guidance on stress resilience,   weight/nutrition and pain management.

We would like to assist you with your needs, goals and challenges.

Our programs, resources and referrals are designed to help people of all ages and background in achieving their goals and desires for personal well-being and greater success.

It is a step by step process

Optimum Health - Wellness Transformation programs, presentations and personal coaching sessions are designed to provide meaningful engagement and direction that will assist individuals in creating positive choices and changes in their lives. Education and Knowledge combined with Motivation is a sound prescription for making positive changes

It is worth noting, that many Doctors and other Health Professionals will tell you that the majority of patients with unpleasant and sometimes frightening symptoms have no specific disease but are suffering from anxiety and tension resulting from a wide variety of stresses,personally or professionally. 

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Many who visit our site or seek a consultation are searching for options, answers and the right solutions that will change the course of their lives. We invite you to check out the variety of pages and services we provide.

Please also make direct contact with us. Personal conversation and connection can speed up the process and your success. You will not be sold! It's your decision and actions that will make the difference. Any question is welcome and we will do our best to guide, assist or direct you to the appropriate resources for you.

It is vital that YOU take charge of your health.

We strongly believe Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Act and ask and we will assist you in your journey.

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Optimum Health continues to grow and transform as we align with congruent health and fitness practitioners. We constantly recommend and provide access to a variety of resources and programs in our community and beyond. If you have a service, product or passion to help others, please contact us.