Child Obesity - Weight Guidance

Just take a look around and you'll see more and more overweight children in the playground, classroom and in front of the T.V. or monitor. Child obesity is on the rise.

It is a cause for concern and action! Scientist are predicting that many children today will have shorter lifespans than their parents, in part due to the health conditions that will arise that are related to child obesity.

Something can be done. School boards and governments are slowly starting to introduce healthy nutrition and exercise programs that may provide greater awareness.

Parents can lay a foundation for healthy lifestyle habits and seek to understand what may be the root causes for their child's unhealthy weight gain.

For some this is not enough of an educational intervention and further guidance and motivation is required to inspire new habits and healthy weight loss.

The Optimum Health provides a one on one program for overweight children, 8-12, and their parent(s),focusing on health eating, activity and communication.

Helping an obese child to lose weight really is a family affair. Many families use dealing with their child's weight issue as an opportunity to make their parenting more rewarding and create a more emotionally satisfying family life.

We provide a complete Assessment, workbooks and 8 coaching sessions to guide the family through the process of managing a child's weight and development.

Assessment and Workbooks - $100

8 Follow Through Sessions - $399

Treating child obesity is NOT about enforcing a diet. True results are created through learning about healthy options, discovering the benefits of movement and recognizing the role of emotions and how they affect eating habits.

Not only do children benefit from this information but they whole family can develop new insights and bonds.

Teens will benefit from our adult programs. Depending on level of maturity and needs, we may request parental participation.

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