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If you're interested in healthy living and personal transformation, or know someone who is, take advantage of these special offers from  Optimum Health.

There's no better time to take action and build on a solid foundation for healthy living and positive results. We also know a little extra incentive helps whether it's striving to meet a goal date, fulfilling a promise, being rewarded for action and achievement or some other personal motivation you may have.

If you see the value and fit for you, book an assessment session. When you enroll in one of our coaching programs, mention this on line coupon offer and we'll provide a $50 program enrollment discount.

All Optimum Health assessments, consultations and programs are personal and confidential. We'll explore your specific needs and discuss options available to move you in the direction you desire.

Please note the $50 discount cannot be combined with other advertised offers or incentives with the exception of Refer a Friend.

Pay it Forward - Refer a Friend

Optimum Health also provides a "Refer a Friend" program on all Optimum Weight Management programs. You and your friend will receive one complimentary program week when your friend enrolls in one of our weekly programs.

There are no limits to the numbers of referrals you can make!  Share and benefit from the gift of Optimum Health.

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Exercise and Movement Offer

The mind and body benefits of activity are profound. Effective and efficient integration of nutrition and exercise can compound results in all aspects of your life.

We strongly believe and research proves that the combination of healthy nutrition and exercise achieves the best results.

Complete a nutrition assessment and follow up session* with us and we'll also help with the fitness side of the equation by crediting you $100 towards fitness memberships, classes, bootcamps, personal training or workout related equipment.

* Payment after assessment and follow up and presentation of a valid receipt no more than 30 days after assessment.