Emotions - Thoughts/Feelings - emotional Eating

If you have tried to make changes in any other part of your life, at some point you probably have found out that there is a direct connection between your emotions - what you are feeling and thinking and the urges to give up or do something to soothe and settle (If you haven't thought about that, do it now!) This is one of the foundations of addiction and emotional eating issues.

If you feel frustrated, alone, afraid, hurt, or angry, you may have found that your "go to" will numb these unpleasant feelings, however what is the on-going impact to you and those around you?

It becomes such a habit to reach out then what numbs you when these feelings arise that we’re often unaware there are any negative feelings present inside us at all. 

Our emotional well-being can become even more strained when despite our best intentions we give in to these temptations and as a result a cycle of failure continues.

True success in making positive changes will come through recognizing and facing the emotions that are present. Not an easy task but necessary if things are to change, for the better.

Unfortunately many people kick habits, try diet after diet or attempt to make other changes without ever confronting the emotional issues. Why is that? You may have a few of your own answers to that.

The biggest roadblocks to face are figuring out what to do and overcoming the fear of the unknown or even worse perceptions versus reality.

Change can be overwhelming and you may feel very lost at times. Seeking further help and guidance will save you further emotional pain, provide knowledgeable support and shift your habits and cycles.  

Recognize the Stages of Change,  everyone goes through this process.

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