The Float Spa Experience

Imagine the benefits of a warm and silky, womb like, cocoon filled with peaceful pleasure and mindful, or mindless pondering, as you drift calmly in your personal float spa chamber.

Float or REST Therapy (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) can provide much relief from the aches, pains, strains and tensions of every day life.  Whether you have specific maladies and symptoms or simply need time to let go, release, reflect and refresh the floating experience can be the answer to these needs.

The Optimum Float Spa Experience involves an intake session, float coaching, pre or post chair massage and trigger point discover and release, all designed to enhance your experience and the float benefits.  Flowt K-W have four private float rooms with showers and a pamper room for preparing to enter the real world again.  Your experience will be unique to you. Progressive floats can impact profound changes in mind and body.

Take advantage of multi-rooms to bring a guest or have a float party!

Contact us to arrange or discuss your float needs and book an Optimum experience