The Float Tank Experience

Let your mind and body come alive with a Float Therapy experience provided by Flowt K-W, OptimumHealth and You!

About 900 lbs of Epsom Salts are dissolved in 10 inches of water in the Flowt K-W immersion tanks.  This makes the water hyper-bouyant, so that you naturally float on the surface of the water without trying.  Now, you are free of many of the effects of gravity.

The float tank also blocks light and sound from bombarding your brain.  Soon enough, you melt into a deep state of relaxation.

The water and air are heated to the exact temperature of your skin.  After a few minutes, when you are totally still and relaxed, you lose your sense of touch and your proprioception.  That means you lose your sense of motion, position, and equilibrium.  You really feel like you are floating.

Floating releases pleasing dopamine and endorphin levels.  It shuts down your daily flood of stress hormones, stimuli, and mental chatter.  It leaves you highly alert but calm, heightening your ability to visualize and to generate productive ideas.

The immersion in salt water, warmth and stillness combine to provide healing release of tension, toxins and induce a positive shift in mind, body and spirit for many.

The combination of Floating and Wellness Transformation services can provide much needed relief, and perspective. Let us guide you through the process and help you explore any revelations and responses you may experience in the process.

Take advantage of a Float Spa Experience to truly discover the benefits and serve your needs.

K-W's only dedicated Float centre with 4 tanks, massage, and mind and bodywork services to support and aid your journey.