Prescription for Healthy Living

Many Medical Doctors suggest weight loss and exercise as a prescription for healthy living and disease prevention. These recommendations may come as a result of a current health issue, a suggestion during routine visits or a physical examination where the Doctor has concern for your well-being.   High health risk situations such as blood sugar issues, high blood pressure, high risk waist measurements or suspect blood work may also be motivators for your Doctor to suggest you explore a healthy life style and weight management.

Avoid the frustration of lengthy wait times or limited access to providers and resources. Act now while you are motivated to make changes.

At the Optimum Health, we will provide further assessment, education and guidance to assist you in implementing the healthy living prescription that your Doctor may be recommending.

Doctor referrals are welcome but not required. Your Family Doctor will not be penalized by OHIP for your participation in our programs.

Our Diabetes education, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, pain and stress management programs provide well balanced guidance and support for all ages and circumstances.

We can support and report to your doctor(s) or provide access to medical/specialist input if you are a patient with out medical care.

 Contact us to continue on your journey to healthy living! 519.571.7904

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