Healthy Weight for a Good Life

Good nutrition choices and regular exercise are a starting place for maintaining or working towards a healthy weight but, you may ask, what are the right things to eat and do to deal with a few extra pounds, sluggishness or outright obesity?

Be aware the main reasons for weight changes are the issues that challenge our daily living routines:

A Change of Habits - You gradually eat differently than before, bigger servings, poor nutrition choices, more snacks or your lifestyle changed so you don’t burn calories like before - decreased physical activity

Emotional Issues - life changes - stress, relationship problems, grief, loss, depression, low self-esteem can all contribute to a weight shift through emotional eating.

Health/Medical Issues - physiology changes, health conditions and often the prescriptions that go with them can be contributing factor to a weight gain.

Everybody’s weight goes up and down, it should, but the secret is to be more in control of the variations, be aware of other factors involved and keep a positive focus.  Don't fixated on the scale!

In a large study of people who were successful in keeping the weight off, they kept on trying until they:

Found a healthy eating routine they could live with.

Found a way to increase their energy output and metabolism.

Changed the way they dealt with stressful feelings, situations and people.

Learn plans, strategies and self talk that supported personal needs and goals.

Many people realize that maintenance is a constant challenge and may require on going support. It is crucial for success that you learn healthy habits that you can continue for a lifetime.

You probably will continue to gain and lose but by staying aware or your eating and feelings, you will have the ability to stay on track.

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