Herbal Supplements and Programs

HERBAL PROGRAM CLIENTS -  Optimum Health is pleased to provide a complimentary intake consultation for any past or present client of a Herbal clinic. Bring your products and story and we'll work together to develop a plan that will assist you in achieving the weight loss and health goals that you desire to achieve from a behavioural versus product consumption perspective.

If you are searching for products to assist in weight loss or general well-being it can be very confusing as the marketplace is full of herbal supplements, products and programs.  Advertising and product sellers can further confuse the process with various claims,  success stories and testimonials.  "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"

This is not to suggest that many herbal products won't provide benefits to the user, but in many cases what needs to be questioned is the overall impact on the user over the long term, both financially and physically.

The core principles of healthy living are not based on product use alone!  It is important to assess all lifestyle factors,  personal challenges and the level of motivation and mindset of the individual who desires or has been told to make changes for their lasting well-being and health.

Product consumers need to also be very aware of potential side effects, digestive issues, body chemistry changes and interactions with medications that may do more harm than good. With this in mind, it is important to consult a professional in regard to product use, and inform your pharmacist when combining consumption of herbal and prescription products

Many health care professionals will also acknowledge that successful "treatment" for many health challenges is assisted by also recognizing and addressing underlying emotions and behaviours of the client/patient.  We suggest that if mindset and motivation is not addressed, a major factor for lasting success and good health will be over looked.