Meal Planning and Choosing your diet

The internet, social media, book stores, networking and personal or professional recommendations can be informative, yet overwhelming and even frustrating as we explore options and attempt to make some changes in our lives. What is going to help you achieve what you want? What will be the cost and benefits?  What challenges need overcoming?

Meal planning and choosing a diet protocol that is manageable and reasonable for you is vital.  This must be a personal decision, with many considerations of your current state of mind and body. You can only start where you are!

Calorie control, calorie expenditure, macro nutrient ratios, intermittent fasting, prepared meals, fat freezing, detoxification, decompression, introspection, motivation, metabolism and every variation of dieting process - g00d/bad, long term or short term can all have their place in creating a process that you can embrace. Yet in all of this it is best to stick with simple, basic steps in order to build positive momentum and develop greater understanding of yourself and what you are actually capable of achieving.

The message here is that you need to take a personal inventory and assess by yourself, or with some assistance, what seem to be feasible options for you to use to create change.  If the process is going to rely heavily on cooking and prepping and that's not you, then perhaps those approaches aren't for you.  Change must embrace your passions and purpose to sustain.

Are you searching for solutions?  Are you challenged by roadblocks and a history of failures in taking care of your needs? Perhaps you have found some options that give you hope but are unsure how to implement the process.  We invite you to further explore here and also reach out to continue the conversation.

We will take the time to get to know and hear you and can assist with additional coaching, guidance and access to additional resources you may require.

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