Optimum Membership Program
Coaching for Life

Let's get you started!   If you have identified challenges in your life and continue to search for solutions, the Optimum Health Coaching Membership program  can help you.  Simply contact us for a complimentary consultation appointment. Whether by virtual connection or at our office, we'll be pleased to answer your initial questions and determine whether our programs and services are right for you.

Optimum "Life Coaching" may be the perfect solution for your nutrition, weight loss, fitness or lifestyle needs.  We'll work with you to keep you accountable, overcome challenges, develop new found energy and persistence, while making the positive changes in your life that you deeply desire.


Complete an intake session and questionnaire - $60 and then enroll for ongoing 1/2 hour coaching sessions.

We require a minimum of one coaching session a month for 3 months.  You'll pay nothing to enroll and only $50 per session.   Based on your needs, it is your choice to determine whether you require additional or longer sessions or desire the accountability of one of our weekly programs. 

Stop the frustration.  Stop the searching and bring the experience of Optimum Health Life Coaching into your life.