Motivation in Perspective

First, you must learn that there is not an instant or magic answer to weight loss,an eating plan that suits everyone or a fitness routine or stop smoking system that works for all.

The critical factor is persistence – keep learning and keep trying – and have some fun along the way. Research shows that long term success in losing weight and making changes in general comes from trial and error before you will really find what works for you.

It is natural process to have your initial motivation and commitment fade. Many get tired of constantly dieting or finally understand that doing the latest "magic" weight loss diet or taking potions and pills with little in the way of lasting results only frustrates them and drains the bank account.

There is better way! Sticks with the basics of healthy eating and exercise and learn to understand your challenges.

The following are some attitude and motivational tips to help you on your weight loss, fitness or smoking or other habit changes:

Do not focus all of your socializing around what challenges you.

Try going for a walk, bike riding or playing a game with a friend instead of “going out for pizza” or having a smoke.

Go back to the basics such as food measuring, especially if you have sneaked away from reasonable portions.

Smokers and exercisers should track when they do the activity. On the fitness side of the equation you want to see consistency and on the smoking side, the desire is to see a reduction in smoking times.

Do not starve yourself – if you are not eating enough your metabolism slows down and you burn less calories.

Try eating smaller meals, more often.

For fitness, set a plan and routine. Not sure of what or how to exercise - ask a professional for guidance.

Keep a graph of your weight loss and body transformation. You will see that the line goes down and then up, but overall it will trend down if you are consistent in reforming your habits.

Stay motivated and never give up! Even highly motivated entrepreneurs or sports stars fail frequently but they just keep getting up.

Buy a size below what you are wearing. First get the pants on, then zip them up and finally wear them comfortably.

Do not compare yourself to others. Focus on achieving your healthy weight. Focus on doing or learning what works for you. Comparison can create great stress and frustration.

Celebrate your successes. Healthy weight management and change isn't about a quick overnight fix. Where do you want to be a month, season, or year from now?

Self-esteem – learn to recognize and learn from your trouble spots. Finding better ways to deal with things can make you feel better

Quit the numbers game. Your weight on a scale is only part of the picture. Your body fat percentage, waist circumference and mirror image may better reflect how good you look and feel.

Learn from what has not worked and keep on trying. Change your approach based on results and how you feel. Try new ideas but realize what worked for your best friend may not work for you, and what works for you today may not work in six months from now.

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