Optimum Nutrition and Health 

Many people have relatively healthy eating habits and body composition but seek to enhance their overall nutrition and sense of well being. For some, their recognized need is for a short term diet intervention; lose a few pounds, tone up, or identify imbalances and food sensitivities.  Others desire to learn much more about the practices of healthy eating and exercise and what they can do for themselves and their families to make healthy choices and create positive changes.

Sadly more and more people today are suffering the consequences of obesity along with poor nutrition and it is vital for their health and well being that they achieve and maintain a significant amount of weight loss. This of even more concern for future generations when you see the rise in child obesity

Whatever your needs, desires and challenges may be, we can assist you in reaching your goals. Optimum Health - Wellness Transformation programs are based on the principles of balanced nutrition and health awareness.


If your goal is to lose weight, you'll learn it's not about doing a starvation diet, taking lots of pills or only eating prepackaged meals. We help create a greater understanding of food choices and the importance of nutrition timing.

You probably already know that you need help to overcome challenges (cravings, emotional eating, etc.). Perhaps most importantly, our program teaches you how to stay motivated and stop the typical cycles of yo-yo dieting and short term resolution and enthusiasm that is usually ultimately followed by failure and frustration.

Changing habits, managing weight and keeping it consistent isn't easy and it can be confusing with all the options and conflicting suggestions of what to do or what to take. Remember two things - There are no weight loss miracle products and it doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg (money wise,we mean)to lose successfully.

Are you ready to find your motivation and develop a healthier lifestyle and make better choices?


We will work with you to guide you through the process of learning how to adjust your nutrition choices and maintain the change.

No Fad diets, Herbal Products, Potions, Shots or Drastic Calorie Reductions are required!


-Personal and Confidential - Private appointments

-One-on-One sessions with counselors, trained in nutrition, weight management and motivational techniques.

-Eat the foods you like and choose to buy.

- A scientifically proven system for lasting change.

-Promotes the loss of fat, not muscle, so you will feel healthy, energized and lose weight.

-Daily support and engagement, as desired

-Tracks multi-faceted success components beyond the scale weight.

It is important to recognize that health and medication issues may play a role in weight issues but this does not mean that you cannot and should not lose weight



Guiding you through the process of change and helping you stay motivated is part of what we do best. Challenges and relapse are part of the process of changing habits. The key is to not give up and stay aware to your needs.

We will help you persist. Let's work together to create a new mind and body for you.

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