Obesity - What is an Ideal Weight?

To lose weight permanently, you must permanently change! You may fear asking for help and talking about your challenges but perhaps the time has come where you recognize the need to do so.

It's entirely possible that your doctor and family have stopped talking to you about losing weight and may even be waiting for a health issue to perhaps motivate you to take action.   If you fear what the future may hold this is even more reason to shape and change it. 

We do realize you may feel stuck and hopeless or that you can't do "it".

Ultimately for most people, the biggest adjustment in trying to change is how to deal with challenge, failure and desires. This is where an introduction to the concept of motivational weight management and mindset is vital when addressing obesity.

Food consumption is only one piece of the puzzle.  What brings you here is another. Do  you  need some new perspective to assist you?

An obesity focused weight management program that will contribute to permanent change must take into account many factors. This is the secret to avoiding YO-YO dieting, lapses that challenge and  having you be able to work towards a healthy weight goal and then maintaining it for the rest of your life.

For lasting success with weight loss we review the following;

What is the amount of food you take in. What is the amount of energy you put out. What is your response and attitude toward food. What are your motivators for desiring to lose weight.

It is also vital that you understand how your attitudes and emotions affect your success and how to deal with them effectively.

A key variable for any weight loss is the rate at which your body burns fuel (food) This is your metabolic rate. It can be changed through exercise, muscle building or by medications.

Expensive pills and programs simply aren't the answer! These "quick fixes" may only achieve short term results AND long term frustration!

So let's see what we can do for you. Book your assessment now!

Please consider the possible health consequences of obesity. You may even be experiencing some now.

Obesity - Health Risks:

• Diabetes: The risk of becoming diabetic increases greatly, especially if the weight is mainly around the waist. Being diabetic carries a significant risk of heart attack, kidney failure, impotence, blindness, stroke and nerve damage causing pain and disability.

• High Blood Pressure: Excess weight increases blood pressure. Losing just a little will make a difference.

• Heart Attack and Stroke: The heavier you are, especially around the waist, the higher the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

• Cancer: In the significantly overweight, a 3 times greater risk of colorectal, prostate, endometrial, cervical and breast cancer.

• Respiratory and Sleep Problems: Obesity worsens asthma. If you are overweight, you are more likely to snore or stop breathing during sleep. This “sleep apnea” is also associated with heart attack, stroke, low energy and increased risk of accidents.

• Osteo-arthritis and Gout: One kilo extra weight increases osteo-arthritis risk by 13%.

• Pregnancy: Obesity is associated with birth defects, and difficult labours and deliveries

• Gallbladder disease: Much higher incidence in obese women.

• Skin Rashes Raw, red, itchy and smelly rashes often occur where two skin folds meet.

Health risks may motivate you or it's possible your awareness and concern for yourself has completely eroded. Yet you are here, for yourself or someone you care about!

Only, the person carrying the excessive weight can truly understand how they feel about it. If they are fine with it, then it is possible for many to have relatively healthy, happy lives. For others unfortunately the health and lifestyle challenges will compound.

Whatever the situation, make a choice to live life to the fullest. If for you that means seeking help for yourself or someone you care about to shed some pounds then make sure it is done in a way that not only deals with healthy eating options but also helps sort through the variety of emotions and motivational challenges that come with being obese.

Explore the information links below and contact us for more discussion and to see how we may be able to help provide support, assist in positive changes and so much more.

We truly care about your well being.

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