Optimum Weight Management

For many individuals and weight loss programs the focus is on achieving the weight loss but little is provided to support maintenance of the loss achieved.  No matter what program, product,  diet or surgery you used to lose, the Optimum Weight Management system can assist you in keeping it off and finding lasting weight loss success.

For lasting success, you must be very clear why you wish to keep the weight off.  In times when your motivation is challenged, and it will be,  knowing "your why" can provide great protection and get you back on track.  It is also vital that you understand the role that emotions, cravings, body chemistry and other factors will continue to play in your life.

Those familiar with the Stages of Change will also recognize that a relapse to old habits and comforts is a very natural part of the process.  The key is to diminish the negative impact of a relapse over time and develop greater understanding of your self, so that new, more positive habits can emerge and take hold.

The Optimum Weight Management support system provides ongoing accountability and guidance to ease you through the weeks and months after achieving your desired weight loss.  We go beyond the basics of calories in/calories out or success based on product consumption to ensure that you can stay on track and make adjustments as may be required. 

Do not fall prey to yo-yo dieting, infomercial gimmicks or lack of will power and commitment that can move you  from a success to failure mindset.

For guidance, support or an intervention, please contact us and we will be happy to assist in laying a solid foundation for maintaining a healthy weight loss.

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