Personal Training Programs

Professional Personal Training involves more than simply putting you through an intense workout, guiding you through a circuit, or having you throw around a bunch of weights.

For your success, and in order to achieve the results you desire, it is vital that programs are designed that suit your ability and lifestyle. They must also keep you motivated and build on your strengths.

$100 Fitness Incentive

Stop contemplating and get started! We strongly believe and research proves that the combination of healthy nutrition and exercise achieves the best results.

Complete a nutrition assessment and follow up session* with us and we'll also help with the fitness side of the equation by crediting you $100 towards fitness memberships, classes, bootcamps, personal trainer or workout related equipment.

*Prior to enrollment in membership or weekly prepaid programs and with valid receipt

Home Fitness Workout

Discover a great way to have fun, be active and live a healthy lifestyle. You don't need to join a gym to receive the benefits of physical activity.

We'll provide some motivation and introduce you to the fitness basics that can get you started.

Personal Trainers

Choosing the right trainer to work with can be intimidating, confusing and ultimately painful and disappointing, if you make the wrong choice.

Our consultation services can save you time and money. We will guide you to trainers, facilities, classes or home based programs that will serve your needs and goals most effectively.

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Trainers and Fitness Services providers are also invited to forward their program information and contact details for consideration.

The Nutrition and Fitness Connection

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