Resilience - Overcoming Stress
& Adversity

We all have challenges and issues in our lives that cause stress.  Take a moment to think about how you take on or avoid stress? Do you have resilience? Whether it's past, present or in the future, we need to have coping skills and each day be willing to work to enhance our ability to put everything in perspective and reduce the negative impact and frustrations in our lives.   

Perception is Reality

It's worth remembering that our perception of events and our personal resilience can be quite different from that of another individual. What may not be a great concern or easy to move on from, for one person,  can have a huge and lasting impact for another.

Take charge of your life!

Can resilience be developed? We certainly believe so!   Family, Friends, Education, Occupation, Upbringing,  Mindset and Experiences - Failure and Successes are but a few of the factors that can help or harm our perspective. In the end,  it is our choice as to how we react, respond and overcome challenges - big or small. That, in essence IS resilience!

In order to create positive change, we highly suggest further exploration and discussion of the factors that you believe create stress and adversity for you.  These may be internal or external factors from your past or present. The key is to focus your awareness, create a game plan for minimizing the negative impact and be open to discovering methods for dealing with or eliminating these challenges in the future.  

We invite you to further the conversation and exploration with Optimum Health. We provide a wealth of coaching, contacts and resources that can assist you in your journey to overcome adversity in your life or for those you care about. 519.571.7904

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