Quitting Smoking - Smoking Cessation

How To Quit

Do you REALLY want to?

Even if you failed before, keep at it. (Most people need to try at least 6 times)

Learn from relapses and keep on going

Try different methods (Programs, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture Point Stimulation, Patches, Medication) until you find what works for you.

Here's the stages of change for smokers:


Stage 2 - Considering...Becoming aware that smoking IS harmful

Stage 3 - READY TO QUIT - Motivated, Have Desire, Determination.

At this stage it is important to develop strong reasons to quit. Determine what it will cost...money, health, relationships if you don't quit. Fight the mental tug of war, where one part of you wants to quit and the other says it's not worth the hassle. Remember why you must quit!

Stage 4 - Make Plans

It's important to reorganize your life to avoid or redefine those things you associate with smoking - meals, breaks, certain drinks, stressful situations

Practice relaxing, deep breathing, take a smoke break without a smoke! Share your goal to quit with others. Commit that you will do what it takes to quit Create a smoking time log and determine which cigarettes you can cut out first or be bold and just quit completely.

Stage 5 - Set your date to quit

Stage 6 - Do It!

Stage 7 - Avoid Starting Smoking Again!

It is entirely possible that you can't quit on your own but don't give up because this addiction is challenging.

There are a variety of resources, products and tools that may help you succeed.

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