StressMap Assessment

We all handle stress differently. StressMap® lets you explore your sources of stress and your responses to them. It visually pinpoints your strengths and areas for improvement.

Discover your strengths and vulnerabilities, detect burnout zones and chart new strategies for enhancing personal health and overall performance.

StressMap® focuses on stress, health and performance in four main areas: Your Environment, Coping Responses, Inner World and Signals of Distress

Your Environment looks at the changes, pressures and satisfactions that are part of your everyday work, personal and family worlds.

There are six sub-scales in this section:

Work Changes

Personal Changes

Work Pressures

Personal Pressures

Work Satisfactions

Personal Satisfactions

Coping Responses; Explores six basic skills, or competencies, that help you manage stressful situations:

Self-Care Practices

Situation Mastery

Direct Action


Support Seeking

Time Management

Inner World; Measures thinking and feeling patterns that help or hinder your ability to manage stress. Components of this section include:



Positive Outlook


Personal Power


Signals of Distress; Tells the degree to which an individual is hampered by physical, behavioral, or emotional symptoms that reflect chronic difficulty in managing life and work stress. Includes:

Physical Symptoms

Behavioral Symptoms

Emotional Symptoms

A trained counsellor will review your completed profile with you and assist you in reviewing options for creating a plan for greater resilience as you under go the remapping process.

One Hour StressMap assessment - $75

A 1/2 day small group program is also available

StressMap Training