StressMap Training

The personal StressMap® profile can be integrated into a workshop presentation for stress management and team building.

The StressMap® focuses on stress, health and performance in four main areas: Your Environment, Coping Responses, Inner World, and Signals of Distress.

Individual workshop participants complete the StressMap® profile prior to the session so that they are more aware of their current stress levels.

We'll review the role and impact of stress on all aspects of our lives and proceed to discuss creating a personal plan to take charge of stress and lay the foundation for making positive changes to your profile. Participants will also learn the keys for stress management and greater resilience to life's challenges.

A group profile option is also available where we confidentially plot all participants so that they can be aware of diversity and similarities of profile.

StressMap training for groups or as an onsite personal coaching session clearly demonstrates that while outside factors may contribute to our stress load, it is ultimately our own actions and attitudes that will provide us relief and perspective.

Maximum 25 participants


Learn how to integrate the StressMap® profile in to your health and wellness programs.

Ideal for in house trainers, human resources or trainers in the health field looking to add additional value to their service options.

One on One or Group session - Max. 10 participants