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Many of us think WORK, JOB, RELATIONSHIP(s),  HAVING FUN, HAVING A HIGH LEVEL of SATISFACTION, and PERHAPS A HEALTHY MIND AND BODY  are the keys to a life well lived, but there is a lot more to achieving “ULTIMATE HEALTH” and becoming personally empowered to develop a greater resiliency to all of the life challenges that can throw us out of balance.

If your parents were healthy and lived a long time, it’s likely that you will too! However, genetics only account for about 25% of our health. Seventy-Five percent of good health is under our control. Believe it! This holds true from a mental/mind and physical/body perspective.

Do You Have Life Balance?  
Are you wobbling?

A thought to ponder is whether you have really taken enough time to truly get a sense of where you are now or what might be off kilter.  Do you have a focussed plan for achieving all that you desire and deserve for you and others you care about? Do you keep aware of your progress or do the weeks, months and years roll by with continued frustration, greater levels of stress, or health issues. Have you taken into account all aspects of your life?

The concept of ULTIMATE HEALTH awareness involves assessing 12 key components, through a series of questions. Through this process you will create and plot your own personal profile. You can then recognize and choose to work on those areas that you desire to enhance. Some do this independently, others seek the help and guidance of trainers, coaches and other professional service providers.

To put this concept into perspective, think of your good health and happiness as being supported by a wheel with 12 chambers representing each vital component of life. The bigger and rounder your wheel - the smoother, safer - and longer your ride will be.

A well balanced Ultimate Health wheel provides greater resilience and ability to get over the bumps and pot holes of life. The 12 keys assessment is designed to assist individuals in identifying imbalances in the following key components:

Eating & Sleeping


Thoughts & Attitudes


Time Management

Money Management

Emotions & Feelings




Your final scoring will provide a clear and current snapshot of your balance or imbalances in key areas of your life.

Our 12 Keys Coaching can then provide you with an efficient game plan to address the areas that may be causing "wear" or "misalignment" and work towards balancing things out.

Ready to see where you are now? We are pleased to explore this further with you.

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