Your Ultimate Health Vision

So what is Ultimate Health? What is a success filled life? In many ways, it's about filing in the gaps that tend not to be our personal priorities, in order to create better balance and ability to focus on strengths, skills and personal talents. We start to understand the concept more fully with the completion and review of your own personal 12 keys assessment profile.

This reflective process will help us identify the keys area that may need adjusting or enhancing in your life in order to reduce strain and compound positive momentum in your areas of focus.

It's more than a healthy weight, good diet, exercise and stress management, although these are vital components.

Our personal training perspective helps provide motivation and education that assist you in making those small changes that can have profound effects on your overall health, well being and success.

It was Einstein who said "The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things but expect things to change."

The Ultimate Health Program will assist you in overcoming the challenges or resistance to change that we all have from time to time and guides you to finding a greater balance in life.

Our Ultimate Health 8 Week Program includes the 12 Keys Profile, Personal Coaching, Nutrition, Fitness, Lifestyle review and Goal creation, Weekly progress sessions, Open Access Communication and Accountability - Total Program Price $899

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