Weight Loss for Surgery

Let's not get confused here. We aren't talking about Weight loss surgery procedures,we are exploring the recommendation by many Doctors and Specialists that the patient shed some weight prior to a procedure in able to reduce risk, aid in recovery and even sometimes to allow the procedure to be undertaken in the first place.

Hips, knees, joints in general, your organs and really all parts feel the strain of weight and system imbalances.  Different levels of sedation and medication may also be required with procedures and a reduced patient weight can be of benefit.

If you or someone you care about has been told to lose weight for medical reasons, we can help. We'll provide a simple an effective way to lose that takes into account the timelines required and the goals of the patient.

No Doctor referral is required.  If you desire, we will notify your medical providers of the steps you are taking to meet their weight loss request.

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