Weight Loss Grants and Incentives

Many are searching for the best way and means to lose weight and keep it off.  You may also be interested in learning more about weight loss grants, guarantees and  incentives, how they work and what we offer at OptimumHealth.ca

If you are interested in a grant or subsidy to assist in your weight loss journey, we can assist.    We will take time to explain the process and expectations of results. Let us help you have a positive experience and most importantly achieve the body transformation results you desire

Do you have 50 pounds or more to lose and struggle with getting results and sticking to plans?  You may qualify for admission to the NOW program. This is a subsidized, guided program for overweight individuals who may require support and intervention beyond traditional diet and weight loss programs.  No referral is required.  Complete an assessment session and your situation and circumstances will be reviewed for an invitation for participation.

Book a planning session today.

20 pounds - Two Hundred Dollars - Optimum Way Program*

Do it the Optimum Way, even in conjunction with other processes and programs, and we'll provide the accountability,  support, nutrition and fitness guidance you need to lose 20 pounds.  

Book an initial assessment session.  We'll explore the fit and your qualification for this unique support program and we'll go from there. This option is available in office or at distance. Save time and money! 

*Participants must report in daily and follow guidelines to maintain program status.

Free Consultation

Not sure what you want or need? We'll provide a complimentary phone  consultation. Ask your questions. Discuss our approach.  Express concerns, fears and challenges and needs. You choose what is best for you.  Contact us to arrange a call    

Optimum Referral Bonus

Introduce someone to OptimumHealth and when they sign up for a program you and they will both receive an additional plan week as a thank you.  This is an open ended offer! Many of our clients have benefitted from multiple additional weeks. You can too!

Special Offers

OptimumHealth.ca clients reap the benefit of incentives, offers and referral to our service providers network who also want to assist you in your health and wellness journey. 

If you are reading this and have a product, service or offer to share, please contact us.