Weight Loss Grants and Incentives

Many are searching for the best way and means to lose weight and keep it off.  Lately, many have been asking about weight loss grants and incentives, how they work and what we offer at OptimumHealth.ca

If you are interested in a grant or subsidy to assist in your weight loss journey, we can assist you. Many ads and guarantees you may have heard or read about are an option filled with lots of paperwork and requirements to qualify.  We will take time to explain the process and guide you through it.   Book a planning session today.

Get Paid for your Pounds!

Sign up for an assessment and Optimum 16 week program and we'll reward you a $5 per pound payout for net pounds lost between enrollment and your last paid coaching appointment. We also provide referral bonuses. Book your assessment today!

Free Consultation

Not sure what you want or need? We'll provide a complimentary phone  consultation. Ask your questions. Discuss our approach. Make a fully informed decision.  You choose what is best for you.  Contact us to arrange a call

Optimum Referral Bonus

Introduce someone to OptimumHealth and when they sign up for a program you and they will both receive an additional plan week as a thank you.  This is an open ended offer! Many of our clients have benefitted from multiple additional weeks. You can too!

Special Offers

OptimumHealth.ca clients reap the benefit of incentives, offers and referral to our service providers network who also want to assist you in your health and wellness journey. 

If you are reading this and have a product, service or offer to share, please contact us.