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Whether you are just searching and contemplating or ready to engage let's take a step forward together. Desire for change has brought you here. Most people will have some blocks or fears and hopefully we can answer some questions to assist  in moving in a direction that is desired. To ultimately succeed your reasons to change need to be personal.

What do you want?   How do you want to feel?  Do you know how to get "there"? Perhaps you just have a nagging longing with few answers.

Reality Check

Most people fail with diet and exercise until they find a process and lifestyle that they can willing embrace to make a new, healthy, happy, way of living for themselves.  With that in mind, you've come to the right place to further explore finding the way. Your way!

What can we do for you? We begin with a complete assessment of your health and lifestyle to help us understand your nutrition or weight control program needs. The assessment helps us determine what approach is going to work best to motivate and sustain your efforts.

We'll work together to create a personalized plan that enables you to change habits based on your personal preferences and without horrible cravings or extremely restricted dieting protocols that tend to lead to frustration and failure. There really isn't one way that works for all. Finding what makes sense for you is vital.


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Choose to "PAY AS YOU GO" or take advantage of
WEEKLY RESULTS BASED PROGRAMS or simply take the information you receive and use it to make some positive changes on your own.

Don't wait! Get started by booking a Private Assessment and Follow Up - Choose between a phone call session or private appointment at our clinic.

We'll assume you don't want be given a sales pitch and told that you must buy all sorts of products and sign long term contracts to be successful. We get that!  So you choose what is right for you!

Multi-Week programs options:

-4 Session- Course Correction - Designed for those who seek to review their nutrition choices, meal timing or other issues and get on the right track whether for losing or healthy/vitality. 

-10 week Start Up - includes Goal Setting, Food Planner, Simple Guide to Weight Loss Kit, Weekly Personal Coaching, email, phone support

-12 week - Fitness Focus - Goal Setting, Food Planner, Weekly Personal Coaching, Fitness Basics Guidance - Movement and Stretching plus email, phone support   Targeting losing and toning.

-16 week 50lbs Plus Program -  Goal Setting, Food Planner, Personal Coaching sessions, Simple Guide to Weight Loss Kit, Grocery Shop and Tour, 3 small group sessions, protein supplementation products, on going email & phone support

-16 week - Start up and Maintenance - includes Personal Coaching, Accountability, Food planner and worksheets, 12 weeks - losing focus - 4 weeks maintenance mode.

-Ultimate Accountability - Full assessment and personal coaching sessions combined with daily reporting and feedback to keep you on track and address specific challenges as they occur.

Additional Pre-Paid options are available. 


Custom Menu Planning - Grocery Shop and Tour - Optimum Nutrition for Peak Performance Seminar - Workplace Weight Loss Challenge

Still not sure of what to do or how to do it?

Start with an assessment session to develop greater awareness of where you are now and how to make positive lasting changes. What you choose to do will be up to you. We are a private clinic NOT a sales focused store front operation.

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