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WELCOME!  Our Wellness Centre in Waterloo provides personal and confidential assessment and a variety of programs, health services and coaching to assist you to meet and enhance your health and wellness vision and perspective on living the life you desire.

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. "...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."World Health Organization

At Optimum Health, our Mission is to provide access to programs and information that assists individuals and organizations in recognizing, transforming AND managing the challenges of life or more specifically the key factors of Healthy Weight, Nutrition, Active Living, Tension/Pain, Stress/Resilience and Life Balance.

In many cases, a few simple adjustments, general guidance and assistance with maintaining the motivation to make positive sustainable changes will make a huge difference in changing the course of your health and indeed, your life.

Call or Contact us and we'll explore your needs and help define your goals and  introduce you to the services, tools and process to achieve results you desire.  Shift any feelings of being stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed or having a profound desire to change to your benefit.

The information on this site should not replace the direct support and guidance of healthcare and other professionals. We invite you to explore, inform and reflect on your specific needs for further assistance and the resources available.

Optimum Health Assessment
Assessment - Your personal snapshot in time - Where are you and Why are you there? We'll create a game plan and coach you to meet your goals.
Your Personal Accountability Coach for focus and sustained success
Don't struggle in solitude. Accountability can make the difference for adjusting, sustaining and enhancing your results.
The 2020 Plan
2020 Motivational and Behavioural Change - See Results!
12 Keys to Ultimate Health
Discover your 12 Keys to Ultimate Health - Are you living a healthy, balanced life?
Healthy Weight - Diet and Motivation
Optimum Health - Wellness Transformation programs provide confidential assessment and nutrition coaching for all ages.
Obesity - More than just a little to lose?
Obesity is a chronic condition that can be addressed with the help of a specialist. It is vital to work with the whole person not just focus on the weight.
Nutrition, Exercise and Your Life! Maintaining a Healthy Weight.
How can you achieve and maintain a healthy weight? Just nutrition and exercise won't do it!
Weight Loss Grants
Discover more about weight loss grants, what it takes to get them and payout incentives from OptimumHealth.ca
Personal Coaching
Do you need someone in your corner to listen, support, guide and provide objective, innovative perspective that will assist you in defining, visualizing and achieving what you desire.
Personal Training K-W
Go to the next level of fitness and stay motivated with an integrated approach to fitness and nutrition.
What is Stress?
Stress impacts and symptons take many forms. Discover what stress really is and what you can do to manage your perceptions, reactions and the personal toll..
Wellness Transformation, It's a Process
Wellness transformation engages individuals in a process of meaningful self awareness and feeds motivation and desires for ongoing achievement.
Massage Therapy and Body Work
Fully Accessible Waterloo Location for Professional Massage Therapy Services
Pain - Treatment and Management
Optimum programs and resources for managing pain and dealing with the physical and mental challenges of living with pain.
Waterloo - OptimumHealth.ca location
Optimum Health Assessment and Wellness Transformation Centre is located at 550 Parkside Dr B3 inside Flowt K-W 519.571.7904
Getting started coupon - Weight loss grant - discounts and savings
Getting started coupon savings for yourself and your friends. Savings on Optimum Weight Management, Stress or Pain Programs
Discover Optimum Health - Waterloo
Discover Optimum Health programs, services and our Waterloo centre
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